Boys Middle School Football, Boys Varsity Football · SC Football- Player and Parents Letter 4/30

Redskin Nation,

I hope each of you and your families are safe, healthy, and happy.  This year has seen a lot of adversity for not only our school but for the entire world.  While we cannot control when we can come back together as a team, we can control what we do and how we handle this situation.  Our goal for this football season is to set a new standard of excellence within our football program, the lives of each one of our players and coaches, and within our school as a whole.  It is imperative that everyone does their part to ensure that when we can resume football activities that we are all prepared to do so.

What can you control?

You have complete control over your academic success.  You have one more month to improve your grades to what you deem as successful.  That means that if you already have all A’s, great job and I commend you for setting a standard of excellence for yourself in the classroom, but continue to complete whatever learning tasks that are assigned by your teachers.  If you have B’s and C’s then you need to do everything in your power to improve those grades.  Academic grades of B’s and C’s are average and while it is good that you are passing your classes you must understand that we are in the midst of creating a culture that rejects average and instead pursues excellence!  I have had many conversations with our players over the past month about recruiting and the best advice I can give for recruiting is to get A’s in your classes.  Most high school football players dream of achieving a college football scholarship and that is a worthwhile goal to work towards.  However, the point of a football scholarship is for football to be a vehicle to extend your learning opportunities and to set you up to be successful in life.  If you truly want to play college football there are endless opportunities for students with 3.5+ grade point averages (GPA).  Likewise, if your grade point average is below a 3.0 (A’s & B’s) those opportunities shrink drastically.

If you still have D’s and F’s in some of your classes then you must devote all of your waking hours to improve those scores or you will not be eligible to be apart of our team this upcoming season.  If football is important to you, then get to work immediately!  Reach out to your teachers, do your assignments, and make up whatever work is holding your grades down.  If it is important to you then you will find a way to be successful.  We have an incredible staff that is willing to work with you so reach out and take advantage of every opportunity presented over the next few weeks to improve your grades so that you can be apart of building something special within our program.

You also have control over how you will be prepared physically when we return to football activities.  If you have not been completing our at home workouts over this shutdown then you will not be prepared to jump back in to physical activity.  Get your workouts in, we are only asking for 30 minutes Monday through Friday, in order to stay in relative shape so that you are ready when we return.  There are no excuses for not taking care of your bodies.  Download the rack performance app and get to work.

You also have control over preparing yourself mentally before we return to football practice.  Our defensive playbook is online and also countless install videos.  Watch the install videos, get into the playbook, and contact me if you have any questions about what you are studying.  Everyone is going to learn a position on both sides of the ball so start studying and preparing yourself mentally.  In football, “If you are thinking, you are stinking.”  When we hit the field and you know what to do you will play much faster than everyone around you.  If you want to be on the field on Friday’s this Fall then start studying and learning our style of play now.  Our offensive playbook will also be up shortly and I will send out an announcement through HUDL when it is shared.

You can also control the relationships that are built within our team.  The highlight of my break has been the conversations by phone and text with our players, meetings with coaches, and getting to know about what is going on with you all.  Phone/text messages are not ideal but it is a whole lot better than silence.  Reach out to your teammates, reach out to your coaches, we can talk about anything going on in life not just school and football.  Also continue to recruit your friends from school, we have had a number of new students join because of our players reaching out to them.

We will continue to utilize our team HUDL website to send out football related messages and keep you all updated with what is going on.  If you are not signed up for HUDL then send me your email and contact information and I will get you added immediately.  Also follow our team Twitter account @SCRedskinsFB.

Lastly, for parents we will send out a Google Doc registration form next week and we need all parents to sign up their student athletes for the upcoming season.  It is not a long document but it will allow us to get updated contact information for all players and parents, and it will make it a lot easier for us to disseminate information moving forwards.  Parents, I hate that our one on one meetings were cancelled due to the outbreak, so if you have any questions for me please reach out by phone or email and we can discuss any questions/concerns that you have.  The registration form will be posted on the school athletic website, a reminder will be sent out to all players through HUDL, and we will also send out a reminder through social media (Facebook/Twitter).  Parents, we are in the process of building our Booster Club in order to better serve our athletes.  If you have a desire to serve as an officer or to volunteer in any role please contact out Booster Club President, Aaron Poe (678-690-0663,  If we want to build a first class program we need parent/community support.  There are opportunities to volunteer with game day operations, concessions, Mom’s Club, practice field painting, fundraising, and many other areas that will help improve the experience for our student athletes.

Thank you all and Go REDSKINS!!!

-Coach Patton

(678) 858-5584